Romanian Women

A study conducted by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in 2019 reveals that 90% of the Romanians value family, relationships, and marriage. After the age of 23, most people are either married or in relationships. Only 1% of the population is divorced. These facts point to the fact that Romanian women have a different perspective and attitude towards marriage. The gorgeous, talented, and kind-hearted brides are brought up in a culture where being married is seen as a major milestone in life. With this in mind, you are assured that dating and marrying these girls will lead to a happy-ever-after. 

Why Are Romanian Women So Popular? 

Romanian women are popular for good reasons. Foremost, they are extremely beautiful, a trait that is coveted by almost all men. Combining the Slavic, Middle East and eastern European genes, these girls have an exotic look that keeps men wholly captivated. They have long dark hair, curvy bodies, full lips, and toned skin. Most of them wear little makeup to highlight their beauty rather than change their looks. They are also inclined towards preparing and eating healthy meals and regular exercises. 

Furthermore, Romanian brides are the most helpful, supportive, and caring wives in the world. They are known to stand by their men in difficult times and create homes where tranquility and passion define every aspect. Western men find it easier to marry a bride from this country than find a competitive, unfaithful, and disrespectful bride from other cultures.

Still, Romanian mail order brides are popular for their sincerity in dating. While other girls create profiles with ulterior motives, Romanian darlings simply want to find a good man to marry and start a family with. Rarely will you hear of an online scammer from Romania. 

What Are Romanian Brides Like?

Romanian women have distinct physical features, and hence are outstanding in the dating world. They are generally slim, thanks to their genes and their undying commitment to keep fit. They have fair skin, while their average height is 1.61 meters. Their eyes may be different depending on where the bride comes from. For example, brides from Mangalia and Muntenia tend to have brown eyes, while women from Bukovina are blessed with green or blue eyes. Regardless, these girls are naturally beautiful and do not need any cosmetic surgery in their lifetime.   

Romanian brides are friendly. They do not have a problem making friends in any part of the world because they are kind and helpful. You will be intrigued by their cheery nature and capacity to choose her words carefully. If you happen to visit your bride’s people, you will find a generous group willing to take care of your needs and make you comfortable. Rest assured that your Romanian wife will make a home warm and inviting.  

Romanian women are always intelligent, intuitive and witty. They do not have to depend on men to find their way out of difficult situations. Rather, these girls are used to setting goals and achieving them independently. They excel in school and the corporate world, just like other modern day women. The only difference is that the Romanian wife knows how to put her family first and do everything with moderation. 

How to Date Romanian Women 

You will never score well when dating Romanian women if you don’t learn what tickles the brides and what is extremely offensive. Indeed, you should always have the “dos” and “don’ts” of dating them on your finger tips.

On the “dos” side, you must treat your girl with respect and appreciate her at all times. The beautiful girls go out of their way to look presentable, express their feelings, and involve their men in daily activities. It would be helpful if you demonstrated that you are equally plugged into the relationship. You could compliment her looks, send her flowers, and make time to talk to her regularly. 

Also, you must follow the rule of being a total gentleman when dating a Romanian woman. The charming brides are attracted to men who open doors for them, actively listen without interrupting, render a coat on cold days, help her with steps, and check up on her after a night of fun. This makes them feel safe and prepared to commit to the relationship. 

Knowing that family and culture matters to the Romanian brides, you must show interest in any related matter. Whether she wants you to meet her parents early enough, or follow the traditional way of dating, you must be involved to win her heart. It is also wise to learn your bride’s language and cultural events or norms. 

On the don’ts side, you must avoid forcing your girl to change her personality and preferences to suit your idealized Romanian woman. The brides are different and come with flaws and strengths. You are likely to get the best experience if you accept the challenge of getting to know your bride better through intimate conversations. 

Avoid making mean jokes about your Romanian bride’s culture and refusing to eat what is laid on the dining table. You will completely turn off these girls and their family in this way. Instead, open your mind to a different way of living and you may start to enjoy it at some point. 

Still, you must never act as a rich and powerful person who can save Romanian brides in a snap. Always be authentic, stay positive, let the relationship grow organically, and you will be on your way to a wonderland.   

How to Win Over, Date, and Keep Romanian Women 

Meeting a Romanian bride is one thing, while keeping them is another. These beauties are keen to choose their men wisely, given that they may have to leave their relations at some point to start a family in a new culture. They are also the type of girls to give their all to the men that they fall in love with. 

A serious Romanian girl will ask several questions before dating you including-Why should she pick you over others? Are you worth the sacrifice of leaving everything behind? Are you serious enough to commit to a long-lasting relationship? As she tries to answer these questions, many foreign men are kicked to the curb. You must be a step ahead of the dating game by getting all the relevant insight and applying it accordingly. 

Here is a short collection of things to keep in mind when trying to win over, date, and then build a relationship with a Romanian woman:

Exchange cultural identity stories

There is nothing more interesting than learning about other people’s culture. Let your Romanian woman tell you how indigenous people such as Slavs, Illyrians, and Dacians shaped the identity of her people. The folk traditions of the rural communities will help you to see why your bride is creative and fun to be with. You may be surprised to see your girl start dancing or show you her latest embroidery amidst the story telling session. On your side, you could explain how your people became independent and liberal. A story or two about the lives of indigenous people may create that connection you always wanted in a life partner.  

Get some Romanian language lessons 

It is often said that you will always set aside time and money for the things you value. If you are truly interested in dating and marrying Romanian women, you should consider learning their language. This does not have to be an entire course in a university with regular CATS and assignments. Instead, the online platform gives you a chance to learn the language at an affordable or no fee. You could set aside 15 minutes every day to learn common phrases and words. Soon enough, you will start to communicate well with your bride and even make plans on dating or marriage with clarity. 

Be generous and thoughtful when making gifts, but don’t turn the gift shower tap to the maximum

Romanian brides love to receive gifts from their lovers. She will be so excited that you actually thought about her to the extent of sending a gift, whatever it is. You can keep this girl if you are thoughtful when choosing it. What are her interests? Does she like flowers or chocolates? What would a trip to a great destination mean to her? Would it be fine if you paid for a trip to the spa? Which dates of the month or year does she value most in life? As you think about these things, you will find the right gift and the best time to deliver it.

At the same time, giving gifts must not be done excessively. Sometimes, your Romanian woman will not appreciate your generous hand if it seems as though you are trying to buy her love. You may want to spend time focusing on what really matters- getting to know her and building a relationship with her. If anything, you do not know these girls’ motives from the beginning. You could spend so much on the wrong person if you are not careful. 

Cook together, learn to enjoy Romanian food and dinner parties 

The wise people of the dating world say that the way to a man’s heart is good food. You will be shocked to know that Romanian women also love to prepare and eat sumptuous meals. Helping your girl prepare a meal for two is very essential. This help could be as simple as making a trip to the grocery store to buy everything she needs for the meal. Sticking around the kitchen will give you an idea of what she is putting in the pot. 

It is in the process of cooking together with your Romanian girls that you start to realize how dedicated she is as a woman to make your life easy and comfy. Some of these meals take quite a while to prepare, which means that only women who care will go out of their way to prepare them from scratch. Still, preparing a meal with your potential wife is an easy way of breaking the ice and starting meaningful conversations about your relationship.  

Going for dinner parties is a good option if you don’t want to jump the hurdles of cooking meals with a Romanian girl. Here, you will have a good time and enjoy Romanian dishes to the fullest. The atmosphere gives you time to see your girl in a relaxed mood and the fun side of her.

How to Seduce Romanian Brides 

Pulling your seductive card is advised when you want to spice up a relationship with Romanian women. One of the proven ways of doing this is offering fun and excitement during meetings, talks, and parties. Every woman yearns to hang out with a man who can lighten up the mood every time. So, ensure that your discussions are done with a touch of humor. During a romantic getaway, avoid talking about certain topics such as your bride’s past, her current financial situation, and whether she has had a nose job. 

Every Romanian girl deserves to feel special. A seductive man will make her feel so by dressing up for her, keeping time, complimenting her, and paying attention to every word she says. You will lose a few points if your bride feels that you are taking her for granted. 

The words seduction and confidence are first cousins. It means that your Romanian woman expects you to stand tall during dating. Look directly into her eyes during conversations and her heart will melt immediately. You must also avoid the mistake of agreeing to everything she says or wants. With calmness and maturity, let your princess know what works for you and what doesn’t. 

There is nothing more seductive to a Romanian bride than to know that her man is discreet. She may want to get to the other side of the rampage if she is sure that you will keep all that information to yourself. If she tells you about her past mistakes and future plans, make it your business to die with the secret. 

Sending meaningful and sweet texts to a Romanian woman regularly may be all that she needs to fall hard for you. Remember that it is the little things of life that count. Send her a text or chat message indicating that you are thinking of her while at work. You could also send a text in the evening to find out if she has had a good day. All this while, making sure you are not overdoing things to avoid looking like the stalking type. 

How to Find a Reliable Mail Order Brides Website 

You will only get a good dating experience if you identify the most reliable Romanian mail order bride’s website. The right one will protect your personal details from third parties. It means that the site’s security policy, as well as the technology used in its design, is superb. The customer care service should also be praiseworthy so that you can get all the help you need in dating. 

With a reliable website, you can see different profile pictures of your Romanian bride, her identifying information such as name and age, and how to contact her. Integration with social media allows you to do a little detective work to verify details provided on the site. Still, such a site should allow you to sit in quickly and go through different features without delays.

It is always advisable to go through reviews before registering with any site. Find out how many success stories are associated with the service provider. Do you see more likes than dislikes? How many people register on the site every day? Does anyone feel that their concerns have not been addressed accordingly? Do you see any information about the site being out of service for a prolonged period? As you get answers to these questions, there are high chances that you will land the most reliable site to meet Romanian women. 

Summing Up: Romanian Women versus American Women 

When all is said and done, Romanian women make better girlfriends and wives than American women. They are more than meets the eye, which implies that beneath the hot bodies and feminine nature is a kind-hearted, friendly, intelligent, and honest woman. They are, without a doubt, beautiful inside out. They take care of children, honor their husbands, and build relationships with the community effortlessly. 

American women, on the other hand, may lack a thing or two of what you are looking for because of their need to gain independence. The idea of child bearing at a young age is often frowned upon and left to girls who have little self-esteem and self-drive. You are better off if you marry a Romanian bride since she embraces her femininity, child-bearing capacity, and joys of family life. Together, you will build a peaceful, happy, and exciting life that you deserve.