Vietnam is a beautiful country, with incredible beaches, rivers, and lively cities. You have every reason to smile while travelling to the destination since it is one of the cheapest countries to travel in Asia. Most importantly, you will be amazed by the beauty, grace, and passion that you will get from Vietnamese women. Men from all walks of life have found their happy-ever-after by marrying these women. Here are more details that will make you love these brides as well.

Why Are Vietnamese Brides Looking For Husband Abroad? 

Vietnamese Women

Vietnamese main order brides are fascinated by foreign men for three reasons. First, Vietnamese girls find a foreign husband attractive. From their courage to face difficulties, their leadership abilities, to their sense of independence, western men seem to have it all. In any case, Vietnamese men have a totally different approach and philosophy of life. As the old saying goes “opposites attract”.

Second, Vietnamese women look for foreigners because they have more chances of getting all that they need for a fulfilling life. They see this as a chance to find a man who truly loves them and at the same time bring up their children in a more economically and socially stable environment. For these girls, foreign men are the total package in life.

Third, Vietnamese brides love to have adventure and explore everything that life has to offer. They set up dating profiles in the hope of finding men with different personalities, age, and motivations. Whether you are older and ready to retire, or younger and looking for a family, you will find a Vietnamese woman looking for you online. 

Why Do Men Choose A Vietnamese Bride For Marriage? 

Men choose Vietnamese women for marriage for various reasons. To start with, men look for stable families. These brides do not get into marriage with the thought of leaving at some point. Instead, they commit to the relationship wholeheartedly and will do anything within their power to make it work. 

Western men choose Vietnamese brides because they are beautiful. While many women are relying on makeup, extreme cosmetic surgeries, and regular fillers, Vietnamese girls remain beautiful inside and outside without trying too hard. They have pure souls and will love you without holding back. Their flawless skin, slim figures, outstanding facial features, and long silky hair are enough to keep your eyes glued to them. 

Moreover, men go for Vietnamese women for marriage because they want their children to be brought up with morals and ethics in mind. You will not have to worry about being dragged to the school’s discipline committee because your wife will train your kids to stay focused at all times.  

An adorable experience 

Without a doubt, men desire to have a comfortable and conflict-free marriage life. Vietnamese women have what it takes to create this experience without a struggle. They are brought up in a culture where men take leadership positions and are respected no matter what. You will be happy when the love of your life provides you with support that you need when life throws a fist. She will also give you time to make decisions that will work for your family. 

Vietnamese brides are spiritual. They love experiences that usher tranquility and peace in life, including a functional family and relationship. A Vietnamese wife will not start a year or date without thinking about its spiritual significance. In pursuit of harmony, she will arrange her furniture properly, prepare meals in a specific way, and resolve all issues without disruptions.  A man marrying from the culture is likely to cherish every moment of life. 

Why Pretty Vietnamese Girls Are Good For Marriage 

Vietnamese women are more than their looks, making them perfect for marriage. Here are their most outstanding qualities:


Vietnamese mail order brides truly care about the people that they love. She wants to attend to all your needs, from sensual, social, to spiritual. They will take care of your kids, your relations, and other members of the community without complaints.


Vietnamese women stick with their men through thick and thin. It can be attributed to the Confucian philosophy, which has taught these women that they must be devoted to three men in their life. The first man is a father before the bride gets married. Second, a woman must be devoted to their husband when they get married. The third man to get devoted to is their son in case she is widowed. 


Vietnamese brides love every member of her family to bits. She will leave a lucrative job opportunity in her country to be with her husband and kids full time. More so, she will prepare restaurant-like meals, clean up the house with perfection, and raise many children with love. Connecting with the members of her and your family is also important to them. Do not be surprised when she gels well with your family and friends from the get go. 

Being a Housewife Is Not a Problem 

You may have had troubles in your past relationships because your significant other was too busy trying to make it in the corporate world. The western woman may opine that duties of cleaning and cooking are demeaning and time-wasting.  This is not the case with Vietnamese women! These girls are completely satisfied while playing traditional roles since, as stated before, family comes first. You can focus on your professional goals knowing that she loves taking care of all home affairs. 

How to Date a Vietnamese Bride 

Just because a Vietnamese woman is extremely attracted to foreign men does not mean that she will go out with the first man that shows interest in her. These girls have high standards and will want to commit to a person who is serious about relationships and marriage. You should always be on top of your game to win your girl’s heart. Here are some of the things to consider: 

Have reverence for her 

History records a time when western knights created the foundation for honoring and reverencing women in many cultures. Codes of chivalry were well known among these men and have been passed on from one place to another. This has resulted in better and long-lasting relationships. You may want to follow this path to date the most beautiful Vietnamese goddess.

At the core of your reverence for a Vietnamese mail order bride is to compliment her and give her all the attention that you can give. She should know that her feelings, concerns, and ideas are important. Don’t fail to let her know that she is beautiful and that you are wholly devoted to her. Opening doors, sending her a gift, remembering her birthday, and pulling chairs should also be a part of your dating game. 

Revering and honoring Vietnamese women also entails not being forceful if things don’t work out. You can simply let her know that you respect her opinion and cherish every moment spent in the dating scene. After all, you need to be in a relationship where everything flows naturally.

Embrace a family attitude 

You will appeal to a Vietnamese mail order bride if you have a family attitude. It means that you must respect her parents, siblings and other members of her family. Don’t use words that belittle family settings or traditions as it will only make you less attractive. Instead, find a way to bond with your new family including going out with them, exchanging gifts, and participating in events such as tet nguyen dan, perfume festival, and phu giay festival. 

Be yourself 

While trying to understand a new culture and accommodate the needs of your bride, you must never forget why Vietnamese women are attracted to foreign men in the first place. They love your courage, strength, independence, and hard work among other things. Being authentically western is therefore critical. 

Always be clear on what you are looking for in a woman from the beginning. It is indicative that you are confident and comfortable in your own skin. You will be shocked how this quality can turn things around in a relationship as most of these brides find confident men to be sexy and masculine. 

Being yourself does not imply being rude and self-absorbed. Social etiquette is expected from every man worth dating. You must be respectful and considerate when expressing your feelings to any Vietnamese bride to get the best experience. As they say, honesty without empathy is unacceptable. 

A Special First Date With Vietnamese Women

First impressions are everything. You must make the first date so special that your girl will want to go out with you for life. The first thing that must be in your to-do list is to find a good location. You don’t want to take your Vietnamese bride on a side of town known for sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Rather, find a venue when your bride feels safe and secure. It must be well-known and defined by calmness for conversations to flow effortlessly.

Take time to present yourself well when meeting Vietnamese women. These girls make efforts to find a good dress, the right shade of lipstick, and matching shoes. You cannot turn up on a date with unkempt hair and sweaty armpits. You must appreciate that taking care of your appearance shows that you are capable of taking care of other people as well. 

Showing up on a date with a gift is always advisable when meeting Vietnamese mail order brides. This does not mean emptying your bank account to buy diamond bracelets and watches. Rather, you should find a meaningful gift such as a bouquet of flowers, a mouth-watering box of chocolate, a cute makeup kit, or even a mobile device to keep communication going. 

A good first date will start and end well if you keep the conversation light and humorous. Tension and anxiety is a part of meeting new people, and as such, you should avoid tackling difficult topics and focus on enjoying the moment. Talk about everything with a touch of humor, while being keen to avoid mean jokes. 

Vietnamese women are used to seeing their men pay for meals and drinks during dates. Unlike in the past where you have had to split bills, be ready to pay for all meals. Going an extra step to pay for transportation or accommodation will melt your girl’s heart.  

It is essential to follow up on a Vietnamese mail order bride after the first date. Find out if she has reached her home or hotel room safely, and if she needs anything to make her comfortable. This shows that you are kind, caring, and ready to take care of her in the future. 

How Does a Vietnamese Bride Solve Matrimonial Problems? 

Solving domestic issues with maturity is an art that Vietnamese women have mastered over the years. Don’t expect her to yell, throw a tantrum, report you to parents, or make you feel less of a man. Instead, she makes decisions that create a good environment to talk about everything and reach a solution. You will feel respected and valued even when your Vietnamese wife disagrees with your decisions. All the problems stay under the radar because she genuinely wants to be with you for life. 

Why Marry Vietnamese Women?

You will never regret marrying Vietnamese women. These women take care of your home and kids like nothing else matters. Their culinary skills are exceptional, while her willingness to try a healthier lifestyle is innate. You will forget about all the excuses that you have heard before as to why your home looks and feels chaotic.

Vietnamese women are intelligent and wise. Unlike other brides, a Vietnamese girl knows how to spend money wisely and make plans that will keep her family comfy even during hard times. Whether she is working or not, she is always in a position to make your life easier and better. 

Vietnamese mail order brides make the best wives because they are not materialistic. Your wife will have a sense of balance in life since she is not too excited about material wealth that she forgets about maintaining her inner peace and strength. It means that buying her the next big ride or house may not excite her as much as having a good husband and disciplined children. 

Why Are Vietnamese Women So Popular?

The popularity of Vietnamese women is known in dating and non-dating circles. The first reason for this is that they are stunning. Their exotic features, coupled with their slim figures, make every man in the world want to marry them. 

Also Vietnamese mail order brides possess qualities that are rare to find in contemporary society. Particularly, values of kindness, compassion, love, respect are not easy to come by in a society driven by self-centeredness. 

It is not uncommon to find women setting up dating profiles just to have a quick moment of fun. This is not the case with Vietnamese women! These brides are loved by men who want to avoid dating games and instead find a serious and honest bride. 

Where Can You Meet Vietnamese Brides

Two options are available if you want to meet perfect Vietnamese women. First, you can travel to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Can Tho and other popular cities in Vietnam to find the girl of your dreams. This can be rough if you have not learnt a single Vietnamese word or how to find your way through busy streets. 

The second option, and the most viable option, is to register an account with online Vietnamese mail order brides’ services. You will be thrilled by the number of women looking out for a man like you on these websites. Language translation, processing of travel documents, and gift exchange gifts are all offered at a reasonable rate. 

How to Find a Reliable Vietnamese Mail Order Services  

The best site to meet Vietnamese women must be safe and secure for you. Going through the customer care policy can help you determine if the site is serious about protecting its clients. You must be in a position to report any malicious activity and get help promptly. 

Vietnamese mail order bride services must also be popular to increase the chances of meeting the right person. Positive reviews and presence of numerous profiles on a site indicate that it is reliable.

More so, a good website should be designed well to help you navigate and get everything that you are looking for. If a site has unclear images, takes too long to load a brides’ profile, and is not mobile responsive, keep looking for other options. 

Summing up: Vietnamese women vs. American women 

Certainly, Vietnamese women are more beautiful, focused, and loyal than American women. Vietnamese culture prepares their brides for a happy marriage and life, something that lacks in many western cultures. As the American bride channels all her energy into gaining material wealth, a Vietnamese bride focuses on what truly matters in life such as peace, love, and harmony. Indeed, you will never regret marrying these gorgeous and family-oriented women.